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“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience.”
Oliver Wendell Holmes

With that in mind, I’ve often found that the most effective way to grow is to seek out and listen to people who see things from a different perspective. That’s why I’m excited to introduce our new roundtable series, Leadership Perspectives.

This series is a collection of conversations with interesting people I’ve met, ranging from the front lines to the C-suite. I am thankful since each has agreed to share some of their thoughts, insights and experiences that have provided me with personal and professional growth.

Twice a month, I’ll talk with a leading thinker and doer in the consumer goods or life sciences space. These are people who are helping to drive innovation within their companies, as well as the industry; by taking risks, trying new approaches, implementing new processes and technologies, or otherwise just being “different”. They are fascinating, thought-provoking and somewhat radical leaders who are charting a better course.

My hope is that each interview educates, inspires and encourages people to look more closely at their own life’s experiences and share their insights.

Tom Buckley
CEO, StayinFront

With over 15 years of experience in the Cybersecurity and Information Security industry, Justin Weissert is the Vice President of Professional Services at CrowdStrike. Justin has worked with hundreds of companies in various consulting, management, and leadership roles across CrowdStrike and KPMG previously. As Vice President, he leads all CrowdStrike’s professional services including incident response, proactive services, training, and more.

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Sebastian Zapala

With over 16 years’ experience in the Consumer Goods industry, Sebastian Zapała is a Salesforce Effectiveness Manager for Nutricia Poland. Sebastian has worked his way up in the company through other areas including Supply and Demand Planning Specialist, Trade Marketing Management, and Shopper Marketing Management.

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Marie Outred

With over 18 years of experience in the Consumer Goods (CG) industry, Marie Outred is the Systems and Business Insights Managerfor Field Sales at Arla UK. Marie has held various roles in Arla ranging from Dairy Development Manager to National Sales Development Manager.Prior to Arla, Marie worked in the Telecommunication and Computer industries for seven years.

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Patrick Heeney

For 20 years, Patrick Heeney has focused on helping businesses solve complex technical problems. His ability to remove business difficulties by using smart software and surfacing data insights through business intelligence has given him vast experience across many industries, including airline/airport operations, global emergency services, software companies, oil and gas plant operations and now consumer goods. In his role as Senior Business Systems Analyst/Project Manager for Vitaco Health Group, he continues to excel as an effective team player, well-versed in… Read More

Natalie Hughes

A desire for operational excellence and the most optimal customer experience has elevated Natalie Hughes throughout her professional career. For 15 years, her passion combined with a demonstrated history of working with leading retailers and brands, have helped her grow at Creative Activation, beginning as a Client Service Program Coordinator. Her expertise with project, marketing, account and operations management, client services, customer experience strategy, sales, retail and multi-channel retail have helped put her in her current role as General Manager… Read More

Maria Merkle

Recognized as a decisive leader, Maria Merkle’s experience in the consumer goods industry has significantly positioned her for her current role. As a Director (Global IT Strategic Portfolio Lead) at Florida Crystals, she is responsible for ensuring IT projects, programs, business partnerships and other vital functions of the business are successfully operating on a global scale. Merkle’s knowledge and professionalism have also helped her to deliver improved profits and ROI.

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Yoshinori Ikura

In a digital world that continues to move forward, Yoshinori Ikura never stepped back. Ikura has been an innovator in the technology services industry for over 40 years. He is dedicated to ensuring his customers have the best solutions available to resolve business issues that they may face.

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Pam Brown

As Chief Commercial Officer at the Promotion Optimization Institute, Pam Brown has been tasked to direct her organization towards the future. In this role, she creates and executes POI strategy, advisory and research. She elevates practices, as well as CPG and Retailer relationships.

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Justin Woodford

In his role of National Field Sales Manager for Brown Family Wine Group, Justin Woodford is responsible for the first-class execution of the Brown Family Wine Group portfolio strategies across all the state business units.

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Kirsten Wanless

Endorsed for her sales management, marketing strategy and key account management abilities, Kirsten Wanless has proven time and time again to know what consumers are looking for. These skills allowed her to gain many promotions while at hair and personal care company Schwarzkopf & Henkel for 18 years. She was responsible for such tasks as managing 3 major wholesalers, training and supporting field managers and managing pivotal budgets, among many others.

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Peter Breen

Peter Breen has more than 20 years of experience in multiple aspects of the marketing industry, with a keen ability to develop content in all formats. His years of covering the consumer goods industry also includes four years as an editor at Simba Information, where he oversaw publications on book publishing, computer advertising, and internet marketing.

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Damian Kaehler

Seventeen years ago, Damian Kaehler was working in Edinburgh Scotland learning the craft of bartending. When he returned home to Melbourne, he started managing one of Australia’s premier lounges – Bond Lounge bar. While in this role, Damian was nominated as Bar Manager of the Year at the 2004 ALIA awards. In the years since, he had taken his passion and expertise to Brown-Forman, working as a Brand Ambassador, and then to Bacardi Limited, as a National Account Manager.

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Michael Graydon

Michael Graydon is the CEO of Food & Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) which is the largest industry association in Canada representing the food, beverage and consumer products industry. The association represents member companies ranging from small, independent and privately-owned companies to large, global multinationals all of whom manufacture and distribute in Canada.

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With 32 years’ experience, Andy Foweather is an Commercial Director for StayinFront Retail Data Insight. Andy is an accomplished sales leader with expertise in delivering profitable sales growth through developing winning strategies and organizations.

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Georgia Lennon

Georgia Lennon is the visionary Chief Executive Officer of The Drinks Association. She has over 20 years of management and marketing experience and is responsible for the overall strategy of the not-for-profit association, including policy, profitability, growth and product development.

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Mark Jara

With over 25 years of experience in various development, management and leadership roles, Mark Jara is a Principal of RxS LLC. He has over 17 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry, and specializes in various industry-related topics, including sample accountability, compliance, pharma sales analytics, sales operations and SFA/CRM tools. Mark speaks at various conferences on the crossroads of technology and the pharmaceutical industry. He was also recently nominated to the 2018 PharmaVoice 100.

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Tanya Barden

Tanya Barden is the Chief Executive Officer at the Australian Food and Grocery Council, which is Australia’s peak industry body representing food, beverage and grocery manufacturers. Tanya brings tremendous experience and proven success at senior executive levels in both the public and private sectors, including work on competition policy and regulation, energy, telecommunications and Commonwealth-State financial relations. Tanya also gained commercial experience running her own on line organic home delivery business. Previously the AFGC Director of Economics, Trade and Sustainability,… Read More

Richard Bradley

Richard Bradley is the IT Director at Kellogg’s. Richard has more than 18 years of experience in the consumer goods industry and has held other roles at Kellogg’s such as a Trade Sector Controller and Head of Field Sales. Prior to Kellogg’s, Richard was the National Account Executive with Carlsberg Group.

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Chris Ogorzalek

With demonstrated expertise in information systems and sales operations, Chris Ogorzalek has deep knowledge in Consumer Goods CRM. Currently, as Associate Director of North America Information Systems and Sales Lead at Mondelēz, Chris is responsible for standardizing selling and merchandising tasks globally in both traditional and modern trade markets. During his tenure, Chris has played a key role in implementing StayinFront mobile CRM software to monitor retailer compliance with Mondelēz’s merchandising promotions. Prior to his current position, Chris held various… Read More

Michael Del Priore

A true dynamic technology leader, Michael Del Priore has a proven track record of delivering innovative technology solutions that drive growth, performance, and profitability in both the Life Sciences and Consumer Goods industries. As the former Senior VP and CIO at Catalent Pharma Solutions, Michael led the development of a new Global IT strategy and launched a series of initiatives to digitize processes and enhance speed and efficiency. Prior to Catalent, Michael was VP and Global CIO at Church &… Read More

Dale Hagemeyer

Dale Hagemeyer leads the research, best practices, and advisory function at POI and has been active on the POI Board since its inception. Previously, he was a research vice president and managing vice president at Gartner for 15 years. There, he did research in the application of technology to the business processes of trade promotion and field sales automation for consumer goods manufacturers. Prior to Gartner he spent 14 years in management positions related to the promotion and distribution of… Read More

Dale Hagemeyer

Dale Hagemeyer leads the research, best practices, and advisory function at POI and has been active on the POI Board since its inception. Previously, he was a research vice president and managing vice president at Gartner for 15 years. There, he did research in the application of technology to the business processes of trade promotion and field sales automation for consumer goods manufacturers. Prior to Gartner he spent 14 years in management positions related to the promotion and distribution of… Read More

Graham Hislop

Graham has over 20 years of leadership and management experience related to Business Intelligence, CRM, and Business Development and is responsible for all sales and operations in Canada. Before joining StayinFront, Graham was the owner of GHI Technologies, a StayinFront partner and leading provider of traditional, on-demand and mobile BI and CRM solutions specializing in the pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and financial industries.

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Mickaël Jordan

Mickaël is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Augment, an enterprise augmented reality platform. Mickaël co-founded Augment back in 2012 with Jean-François Chianetta and Cyril Champier, driven by the vision of making augmented reality easily accessible to mid-sized and large companies in a variety of verticals, including retail, consumer goods, manufacturing and construction.

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Takshay Aggarwal

Takshay Aggarwal is a Senior Principal at Infosys, consulting in the retail, CPG, and life sciences sectors. With 13 years of experience and increased responsibility across Fortune 500 companies, Takshay has a stellar record of engaging senior leadership, winning new business, and working with clients to deliver their big bets. He has lead multiple engagements with large and diverse teams in supply chain transformation, sales force excellence, enterprise mobility strategy, and procurement transformation within the CPG and Pharmaceutical industries.

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Liza Pizarro-White

A true expert in training services, Liza Pizarro-White has extensive experience in pharmaceutical technology training, e-learning and CRM solutions. As President of LPW Training Services, Liza’s strong work ethic and “can do” attitude have proven successful in leading her team to execute over 500 software implementations and train over 60,000 users.

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Esat Angun

Esat Angun is a global CRM and SFE expert with a background in developing and implementing processes, tools, metrics, initiatives and infrastructure that support sales teams. As Director of Sales Operations at Octapharma USA, he leads the Inside Sales and Business Analyst teams and manages the “data consciousness” of the organization with people and technology to translate corporate goals into actionable results. Esat has experience administering all aspects of CRM systems, including data integrity and tactical executions and has managed… Read More