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Beating the Clock: Relationship Management, Sales Planning, & Physicians

Beating the Clock: Relationship Management, Sales Planning, & Physicians

Posted on : Monday, October 15, 2012 by : StayinFront

For sales reps, there is nothing sweeter than these six words, but in the healthcare world today, physicians are busier than ever and reps may only get a few minutes of the doctor’s time. This hectic pace combined with legislation impacting pharmaceutical pricing and the use of incentives means strategic physician relationship management is the driving force behind successful sales.

“The doctor will see you now.”

Creating a strategic sales plan with an emphasis on physician relationship management starts with examining existing data, analytics, and performance. Savvy companies can use this info, along with an industry-specific CRM solution and the key points below, to create a powerful pitch fit for busy physicians that can lead to higher sales and lasting relationships.

  • Understanding the Physicians – Employing a customer-centric approach helps reps learn about must-have services, specialties, patient demographics, personal communication style, preferred contact method, wants, and needs for each physician. Spending time collecting this information highlights the individual’s value and cuts down the length of future interactions.
  • Commitment Required – To nurture and manage the initial formation of these relationships necessitates centralized information, insight, and commitment. This means maintaining your information, anticipating your customers’ current and future needs, and creating commitment on both sides.
  • Effective Encounters – Now comes time to craft the message. As Becker Hospital Review pointed out, “…Success – the ‘purchase’ decision – occurs one person at a time, even when you are selling a concept.” Be sure to leverage mobile and social channels in addition to face-to-face contact. Keep messages focused on quality and value and remember, above all, to be concise.
  • Measurement, Reporting, Analysis & Adjustment – Much like a patient’s symptoms, sales plans also require evaluation. A smart industry-specific CRM with analytics will measure and report findings about your physician relationship management. Comparing this data with your sales plan allows for further analysis and the ability to adjust (PDF) on a regular basis.

To increase sales in an industry that is in constant motion, strategic sales planning combined with a CRM like StayinFront EdgeRx gives reps the ability to stay flexible (and ahead of the competition). Concentrate on selling to the physicians while building loyalty, staying attune to time constraints, and reviewing your performance can track the variables and help spot trends.