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Mobile Technology: Your Direct Route to Deeper Customer Engagement

Mobile Technology: Your Direct Route to Deeper Customer Engagement

Posted on : Wednesday, March 19, 2014 by : StayinFront

Mobile – all businesses are talking about it and it’s certainly something that companies can no longer afford to ignore. But what does it mean in terms of a field force? And what are the benefits of having a mobile-powered sales team in 2014? Mobile technology for sales teams has been around for a while, but it’s been about improving the life and productivity of the rep by reducing administrative tasks, automating processes and streamlining workflow.

Your reps will love you and so will your customers.

There was very little value offered to engage with the customer. The promise was there, but the rep has been limited by the technology.

Now, with powerful smartphones and tablets operating with robust software, we can not only make field forces even more efficient, we can actually use these devices for another purpose: to create richer, deeper engagement with customers, delivering benefits to all parties – and ultimately your business.

By using mobile devices, sales teams can involve customers and create a more compelling conversation. They can showcase the latest marketing campaigns and materials with confidence – television commercials, poster artwork and photos of high performing in-store promotions can now be viewed with ease – and as we know, a picture speaks a thousand words!

Presentations and analytics can also become a more dynamic element of the store-call, with mobile technology providing real-time data and interactive tools. Customers can see how their store performs against another in the same area or get information on how much more in sales they could make by swapping out a competitor’s product.

This creates more meaningful interaction for both sales rep and the customer, and provides a mechanism for greater collaboration and understanding. And with relationships so vital to sales, it’s clear that mobile technology is a powerful tool to improve engagement and win with customers.

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