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Seeing is Believing (and Selling)

Seeing is Believing (and Selling)

Posted on : Wednesday, February 22, 2017 by : StayinFront

Mickaël Jordan discusses how consumer goods companies are using augmented reality to engage retailers and sell more.

If you’ve ever taken a selfie with a Snapchat filter or chased a Pokémon around town, you already know that Augmented Reality (AR) can be fun. What you may not know is that consumer goods companies are using it to engage retailers and sell more to improve retail execution. 

StayinFront has partnered with Augment to integrate augmented reality into its retail execution and selling solution StayinFront TouchCG®. Our CEO, Tom Buckley, interviewed Augment Co-Founder and COO, Mickaël Jordan, for our Leadership Perspectives series, to learn more about where this exciting technology is going and to get insight into how augmented reality is changing the way consumer goods field reps sell in store.

Jordan acknowledged that the broad adoption of smartphones and tablets, coupled with powerful cloud-based field force solutions, set the stage for AR to thrive in the consumer goods space. Using mobile retail execution systems with guided workflows, reps can complete more tasks in less time − leaving more time to identify and sell opportunities. The increased interaction and personalization with AR helps improve customer engagement and alleviate the guesswork involved in the selling process.

As Jordan says, ‘Seeing is believing.’ Adding a digital overlay to the real-world environment enables field reps to show store managers visual proof of how a display will look in their store, in real size, and in the recommended spot – all without ever leaving the StayinFront system.

When it comes to measuring results, Augment’s CPG clients focus primarily on the following KPIs:

Incremental Display Sales: Did AR help field reps sell in more displays?

Merchandising Compliance: Did AR help merchandisers and field reps better execute display programs?

Customer and User Satisfaction: Did clients and field reps prefer AR over traditional 2D imaging?

To find out more about Augment and how consumer goods companies are successfully using augmented reality to sell more in store, watch the webinar or check out this infographic.

StayinFront is commitment to developing and integrating emerging technologies like augmented reality to enable consumer goods companies to do more in every store visit, know more about their customers and sales performance and sell more effectively on every store visit.

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