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Video Recognition – In-store Analysis

Posted on : Sunday, November 28, 2021 by : StayinFront

Understand customer traffic, behaviors and opportunities with video recognition.

Video Recognition – In-store Analysis

By Krzysztof Łątkowski

Artificial intelligence (AI), including image recognition technology, is at the forefront of the digital transformation process in many areas of the economy, including the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector.

Manufacturers and distributors are actively looking for ways to apply AI technology and improve business results, including their Return on Investment.

Today, every company wants to increase its capabilities in the field of data analysis and no wonder, the amount of data that is aggregated by companies from many sources, such as accounting systems, sales force automation systems, sales data, demographic data and external data such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, eBay, Amazon or MySpace, increases geometrically, and when previously used approaches to their analysis do not work, it then becomes necessary to use modern solutions in the field of AI.

One of the key sources of information and data appearing in stores is customer behavior.

Video recognition – analysis of customer behavior in the store. One visit of a consumer to a store, generates thousands of unique indicators for the buyer, that are collected by deployed cameras and sensors. Using image analysis – Video Recognition Solutions, a retailer can understand exactly what attracts the customer’s attention, what his/her shopping path looks like, how he/she chooses the product, and whether he/she shops with a list or impulsively. All of this data can be useful when planning exhibitions, preparing advertising and promotional campaigns, and creating marketing materials.

StayinFront’s experience shows that the most effective method of collecting data on customer behavior in the store is the automatic recording of customer activity in the store using technology-based AI – video recognition. This technology enables mass and continuous data collection and verification of customer behavior, as well as their analysis, which allows drawing conclusions and a quick response from the