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Winning the battle for the shelf in Australia and Asia

Winning the battle for the shelf in Australia and Asia

Posted on : Thursday, April 23, 2015 by : StayinFront

Australia and Asia. Each market presents unique conditions and challenges for consumer goods companies but in both regions the squeeze is on. You need to do more with less, driving efficiency up and costs down.

Our latest whitepaper directly addresses this issue, providing compelling market insights and case studies of companies who are winning the battle of the shelf thanks to powerful mobile technology that enables them to do more, know more and sell more. Download it here.

In Australia, competition from imports and private labels, skyrocketing manufacturing costs and market domination by key retail giants means shelf space and profit margins are shrinking. Opportunity still abounds however, with non-traditional channels providing routes to new revenue streams.

In Asia, the consumer goods market is rapidly expanding but unwieldy local distribution networks and inefficient processes hamper the ability of companies to assess in-store performance, and effectively identify and leverage opportunities to drive sales.

In both markets, fundamental shifts are taking place and therefore new ways of working are required to unlock growth and win in-store.

Those already attuned to these market changes are equipping their teams with powerful digital tools to improve performance, efficiency and deliver a better ROI across all sales models and routes to market.

For example, when Kimberly Clark implemented a new StayinFront CRM platform in Australia, they immediately saw the benefits. They streamlined admin processes by reducing paperwork, improved field resource allocation and leveraged data insights to sell more. Territory managers now make an extra 2.1 calls per week – that’s 100 extra potential leads per person, per year!

To find out more about the latest market insights and how to maximize technologies to improve your bottom line, read the full whitepaper here.