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Fixing In-Store Promotional Execution Blog

How to Fix Poor In-store Promotional Execution

Written by Wayne Gallaway

Focus on the Right Store Post Lockdown

Written by Andy Foweather
Future of Image Recognition Blog

The Future of Image Recognition Technology

Written by Krzysztof Łątkowski

Retail Execution Terms & Definitions

Written by Jeanette Magaling

Digital Era for Manufacturers and Retailers

Written by Maciej Witkowski

Artificial Neural Networks – How it is Used in the Fight Against the COVID-19 Pandemic

Written by Krzysztof  Łątkowski

What is a “Smart Sales Rep?”

Written by Maciej Witkowski

Transforming the Customer Conversation on Business Plan Compliance

Written by Andy Foweather
How Brand Owners Can Boost Revenues

How Brand Owners Can Boost Revenues

Written by Steve Bonsell
How Does StayinFront Digital's Video Recognition Technology Increase Retail Sales Volumes?

How Does StayinFront Digital’s Video Recognition Technology Increase Retail Sales Volumes?

Written by Krzysztof Łątkowski

Digital Merchandising – Is This the Right Choice for Me?

Digital Merchandising allows you assess on-shelf availability and placement, perform competitive comparisons, and analyze trends through highly efficient and accurate image recognition software that easily integrates with your existing sales force automation or CRM solution.

CRM vs. Retail Execution

Written by Jeanette Magaling

Optimizing Promotional Execution in Grocery Retail Blog

While trade promotion spend by CPG manufacturers continues to increase, retailer compliance is trending downward, especially when performance is measured at the store/day/SKU level. This really matters. Brands are paying retailers large sums in promotional gate fees simply to be allowed to run events, with higher fees payable for the better locations in store.

Optimizing New Product Execution Blog

New product launches need to be carefully planned and even more carefully executed. By analyzing retailer data, brand owners can proactively address issues in retail execution to drive distribution, awareness & penetration.

Modern Science in the Hands of Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

Written by Maciej Witkowski

Video Recognition – In-store Analysis

Written by Krzysztof Łątkowski

Predictive Analytics – Supercharging Your Field Sales Strategy

20:20 Retail Data Insight helps organizations break through the barrier of established working practices with Predictive Analytics, enabling them to improve their ROI when their current results aren’t enough.

How Dynamic Routing Can Improve ROI

How analyzing retailers’ EPoS (Scan) data can support a Dynamic Routing solution

Improving Field Sales ROI with 20:20 Retail Data Insight

Assess field sales productivity with 20:20 Retail Data Insight

Infographics and Getting the Best Out of Visuals

Written by David McGuinness

Ferrero Wins Big at 2019 Shop! Marketing Awards

Congratulations to Ferrero for winning 4 awards at the Shop! ANZ 2019 Marketing at Retail Awards.

A Picture Has a Thousand Uses

Written by Steve Bonsell

Guiding Our Clients to Success

StayinFront Australia held their annual CAFE meeting with clients to discuss and educate on how organizations can use actionable insights to direct reps to the right store at the right time.

Fixing On-shelf Availability (OSA) Issues

On-shelf Availability (OSA) is a straightforward measure of a symptom whose cause is a problem with complex roots.

A Night at the Awards

StayinFront Celebrates the Drinks Industry at the 2019 Australian Drinks Awards
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