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Video Recognition – In-store Analysis

Written by Krzysztof Łątkows

Predictive Analytics – Supercharging Your Field Sales Strategy

20:20 Retail Data Insight helps organizations break through the barrier of established working practices with Predictive Analytics, enabling them to improve their ROI when their current results aren’t enough.

How Dynamic Routing Can Improve ROI

How analyzing retailers’ EPoS (Scan) data can support a Dynamic Routing solution

Improving Field Sales ROI with 20:20 Retail Data Insight

Assess field sales productivity with 20:20 Retail Data Insight

Infographics and Getting the Best Out of Visuals

Written by David McGuinness

Ferrero Wins Big at 2019 Shop! Marketing Awards

Congratulations to Ferrero for winning 4 awards at the Shop! ANZ 2019 Marketing at Retail Awards.

A Picture Has a Thousand Uses

Written by Steve Bonsell

Guiding Our Clients to Success

StayinFront Australia held their annual CAFE meeting with clients to discuss and educate on how organizations can use actionable insights to direct reps to the right store at the right time.

Fixing On-shelf Availability (OSA) Issues

On-shelf Availability (OSA) is a straightforward measure of a symptom whose cause is a problem with complex roots.

A Night at the Awards

StayinFront Celebrates the Drinks Industry at the 2019 Australian Drinks Awards

6 Steps to Efficient and Cost-Effective Follow-Up Communication

Control the narrative and provide approved follow-up communication after a visit to HCPs.

4 Ways to Lighten the Load on Your Pharma Sales Team

Enable your reps to increase the effectiveness, quality and speed of customer interactions.

Van Sales – Learn from the Mistakes of Others

Written by Graham Edmonstone

The Difference in Retail Terms Used Around the Globe

Stay up-to-date with the different retail terms used region to region.

Retail Execution: 9 Must-have Features

Optimize your retail execution strategy with these must-have features.

How to Achieve a Perfect Store

Achieve your perfect store!

Life Sciences Acronyms You Need to Know

Learn the ABCs of the life sciences industry.

Retail Execution Acronyms That Everyone in the Consumer Goods Industry Should Know

Become a retail execution expert!

The Ins and Outs of Retail Execution

Learn the essentials of retail execution and why it’s critical for success at the shelf.

Promotional Execution – What is it Worth?

While trade promotion spend by CPG manufacturers continues to increase, retailer compliance is trending downward, especially when performance is measured at the store/day/SKU level.
Is Your Field Sales Team Performing Perfectly or Plummeting?

Is Your Field Sales Team Performing Perfectly or Plummeting?

Area Managers are always expected to do more with less – they often wonder: How can I fit more stores visits in a day? How can I maximize our field force’s performance? How can I generate more sales?
And the Winners Are…

And the Winners Are…

Learn how digital merchandising helps Consumer Goods companies win the battle at the shelf.
There’s (a Better) Life After Windows Mobile

There’s (a Better) Life After Windows Mobile

As Microsoft ends support for Windows Mobile, companies should take this opportunity to leapfrog technology and the competition
The Retail Execution Race to Sell More

The Retail Execution Race to Sell More

When it comes to retail execution, CPG companies are still struggling at the shelf. In order to to rise above the competition, companies should invest in technologies that enable their sales team to “sell more.”
Why CPG Companies are Using EPoS Data to Drive Sales

Why CPG Companies are Using EPoS Data to Drive Sales

Ron Temperley, sales management leader and Managing Director at 20:20 Retail Data Insight, discusses how consumer goods companies are using EPoS data to make more informed decisions to improve sales.
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