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Pitch Perfect

The perfect pitch is different for every batter – no pitch is the perfect pitch to throw at all the batters all the time. The pitcher needs the scouting intelligence and the tools, and then he can customize his delivery so he can deliver the perfect pitch to that one specific batter standing on the mound.

Edge Sales and Marketing Selects StayinFront TouchCG to Drive Productivity and Sales

California-based Edge Sales and Marketing has selected StayinFront TouchCG® as its mobile platform for retail execution. The company will deploy StayinFront TouchCG on iPads, delivering a more effective sales tool to the company’s field reps and driving in-store productivity.

Best Practices: The Benefits of Integrating Expense Management and Customer Relationship Management

Although various states across the U.S. have administered a form of what is known as “Sunshine Laws” for over two decades, the first national provision goes into effect for the 2012 calendar year. For physicians, this means a new level of transparency in their relationships with vendors. For pharmaceutical companies, medical device, biological and medical supply manufacturers, the Physician Payments Sunshine Act introduces a new set of expense reporting and regulations standards.

Beating the Clock: Relationship Management, Sales Planning, & Physicians

For sales reps, there is nothing sweeter than these six words, but in the healthcare world today, physicians are busier than ever and reps may only get a few minutes of the doctor’s time. This hectic pace combined with legislation impacting pharmaceutical pricing and the use of incentives means strategic physician relationship management is the driving force behind successful sales.

Seeing the Sun Shine: Health Care Goes High Tech

Many health care providers have mixed feelings about the 2010 Physician Payment Sunshine Act. Passed as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act, the Sunshine Act is the first piece of federal legislation requiring pharmaceutical companies to report online all physicians who accepted “payment of other transfer of value” over $10.
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