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Seeing is Believing (and Selling)

Seeing is Believing (and Selling)

Mickaël Jordan discusses how consumer goods companies are using augmented reality to engage retailers and sell more.

Transforming Competition through Smart Connected Technology

Wojciech Stramski, Co-Founder of Lab4motion Solutions, shares key insights into how consumer goods companies are leveraging image recognition technology to gain the competitive edge.

What Does It Take To Be Best In Class?

Dale Hagemeyer of POI talks about the organization's vision, industry trends and what it takes to be "best in class."

Latest Roundtable with Liza Pizzaro-White, President of LPW Services

Liza Pizzaro-White of LPW Services talks about training for the life sciences and consumer goods industry

Introducing: Leadership Perspectives

StayinFront presents a new roundtable series with leaders and innovators in the consumer goods and life sciences industries.

Knowledge is Power: Using Retail Activity Optimization to be More Efficient and Effective in the Field

Retail Activity Optimization (RAO) technology can help your field reps prioritize visits, optimize in-store execution, and increase effectiveness of their in-store selling.

Leveraging the Power of the Many with Social Technology

Leverage the power of social technology to improve field force efficiency, effectiveness, and sell more.

Why Does Life Sciences Pay More for CRM?

Debunking the misconceptions of mobile SaaS applications for the life sciences industry

Gotta Sell ‘Em All: Using Gamification to Motivate Your Sales Force

What is gamification, and can it be used to motivate people? The answer lies in the latest craze that's sweeping the world.

Everybody Sells: Improve Your FMCG Sales with “Sell More” Capability

Sales teams are more 'valuable' when they're driving maximum sales for the company. What can you do to enhance your teams to "sell more" while in the store?

Why You Should Apply the 80/20 Rule Across All Your Routes to Market

Can consumer goods companies apply the Pareto Principle (or as most of us know it, the 80/20 rule) to all their routes to market, in every part of the world and be successful?

Using Mobile Technology to Enhance the HCP’s Experience

StayinFront is pleased to present the fourth in a series of guest blogs, Enabling More Effective Communication between Healthcare Professionals and Pharma Sales Reps, from Dr. Peter J. Shaw, chief medical officer at Emisphere Technologies.

How Doctors are Using Mobile Technology

StayinFront is pleased to present the third in a series of guest blogs from Dr. Peter J. Shaw, chief medical officer at Emisphere Technologies, on Enabling More Effective Communication between Healthcare Professionals and Pharma Sales Reps.

Winning the battle for the shelf in Australia and Asia

Australia and Asia. Each market presents unique conditions and challenges for consumer goods companies but in both regions the squeeze is on. You need to do more with less, driving efficiency up and costs down.

How to Maximize Your Time With HCPs

StayinFront is pleased to present the second in a series of guest blogs from Dr. Peter J. Shaw, chief medical officer at QPharma Inc. on Enabling More Effective Communication between Healthcare Professionals and Pharma Sales Reps.

The Anatomy of a 90-Second Sales Call

StayinFront is pleased to present the first in a series of guest blogs from Dr. Peter J. Shaw, chief medical officer at QPharma Inc. on Enabling More Effective Communication between Healthcare Professionals and Pharma Sales Reps.

Are you getting value for your trade marketing dollars?

Each year the Key Account and Product Marketing teams of consumer goods companies spend hours painstakingly reviewing the results of every program with every retail partner to determine whether they got value for their trade marketing dollars and how next year will be better.

Mobile Technology: Your Direct Route to Deeper Customer Engagement

Mobile – all businesses are talking about it and it’s certainly something that companies can no longer afford to ignore. But what does it mean in terms of a field force? And what are the benefits of having a mobile-powered sales team in 2014? Mobile technology for sales teams has been around for a while, but it’s been about improving the life and productivity of the rep by reducing administrative tasks, automating processes and streamlining workflow.

The $125 Million Lesson

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Avon pulled the plug on a multi-year $125 million SMT (service model transformation) implementation with SAP. According to Avon’s 8-K filing with the SEC, the project was in the works since 2009 and was scheduled to be launched worldwide by 2014. It was stopped because the pilot in Canada caused “significant business disruption in that market, and did not show a clear return on investment.”

Choosing the Right Tablet for Your Retail Field Force

When the iPad hit the market in 2010, it had a major impact on field activities across all industries. Three years later, we now see the consumer goods industry adopting not only the iPad, but also the new breed of mobile devices and solutions now available to conduct retail execution as well as present new selling opportunities. Without a doubt, the growing tablet market is triggering more technologies like new apps and software.

After 100 Days of Sunshine – Storm Clouds Are Brewing

It’s been 100 days and counting since the Sunshine Act took effect with the stated intention of reducing federal healthcare spending. By requiring transactions of value between manufacturers and physicians to be tracked and published, the CMS sought to reduce possible conflicts of interest, which they believed were raising healthcare costs.

Count Down to Sunshine. Two Days to Go.

The Sunshine Act is just two days away and, by now, everyone in the pharmaceutical industry knows it. There have been flurries of last minute activity getting systems in place to capture the data, and tussles with counsel about what beans fall into what buckets and education campaigns for everyone.

Pitch Perfect

The perfect pitch is different for every batter – no pitch is the perfect pitch to throw at all the batters all the time. The pitcher needs the scouting intelligence and the tools, and then he can customize his delivery so he can deliver the perfect pitch to that one specific batter standing on the mound.

Edge Sales and Marketing Selects StayinFront TouchCG to Drive Productivity and Sales

California-based Edge Sales and Marketing has selected StayinFront TouchCG® as its mobile platform for retail execution. The company will deploy StayinFront TouchCG on iPads, delivering a more effective sales tool to the company’s field reps and driving in-store productivity.

Best Practices: The Benefits of Integrating Expense Management and Customer Relationship Management

Although various states across the U.S. have administered a form of what is known as “Sunshine Laws” for over two decades, the first national provision goes into effect for the 2012 calendar year. For physicians, this means a new level of transparency in their relationships with vendors. For pharmaceutical companies, medical device, biological and medical supply manufacturers, the Physician Payments Sunshine Act introduces a new set of expense reporting and regulations standards.
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