StayinFront Life Sciences Field Coaching and Field Activity Reports help you with More Effective Field Coaching and improve your Field Force Efficiency


Timely and Effective Field Evaluations

Field Coaching

Faster, Easier and More Effective Field Coaching

StayinFront Life Sciences Coaching and Field Activity Reports (CFARS) can streamline the way your field coaching evaluations are documented, tracked and communicated.

User-friendly, mobile platforms with reporting tools let sales managers capture details and perform evaluations while in the field and record it directly into the StayinFront system. Feedback, personnel development and business opportunity plans can be automatically sent to the rep to be put into action immediately.

  • Flexible surveys allow you to customize your evaluations
  • Record, store and access all data and history from the StayinFront CRM system
  • Eliminate need for additional spreadsheets and other documents
  • Capture and communication information on-the-spot, in the field
  • Automatically route feedback and development plans to sales rep and Human Resources
  • Track and verify receipt and confirm acceptance


Track Performance Trends and Patterns

Comprehensive reporting tools help managers identify performance trends and patterns. The ability to compare an individual rep’s performance against the district, region or national sales team can lead to greater understanding of developmental needs for particular individuals, teams or regions.

StayinFront Life Sciences Field Coaching and Activity management simplifies your Field Management tasks and helps you improve Field Force productivity

Full visibility to make necessary and knowledgeable adjustments

Fully integrated field coaching gives managers an easy way to record, track, analyze and retrieve performance data.