StayinFront Consumer Goods Mobile Sales Force Automation Solutions enable More efficient and More effective Field Force
StayinFront Consumer Goods Mobile Sales Force Automation Solutions enable More efficient and More effective Field Force

Business to Business


Business to Business CRM Software Solutions

StayinFront B2B is a business to business CRM that is designed to improve business effectiveness and assist companies as they adjust their business process around their customers and provide an integrated view of how their customers interact.

Rich functionality, fast deployment and easy-to-use tools are key features of StayinFront B2B – all that is required to deploy a robust business CRM system into a business to business environment, and give teams the right tools to sell more and manage better.

StayinFront has been delivering business CRM solutions for over 20 years to industries as diverse as chemicals, insurance, manufacturing, media, packaging, telecommunications, tourism and utilities. Companies have relied on StayinFront B2B to help grow their businesses and prosper in the marketplace.

StayinFront B2B CRM Benefits

Both large corporation and small business CRM efforts can realize numerous benefits from StayinFront B2B.

Businesses that have deployed StayinFront B2B have:

Grown revenue by:

  • Improved lead generation
  • Improved opportunity management
  • Cross-selling and up-selling

Reduced costs by:

  • Lowering administration and sales support costs
  • Making sales more efficient
  • Choosing the most cost-effective channel by customer segment and activity

Flexibility to Fit Your Field Force

  • Easily configurable to support multiple roles and to meet the needs of each specific user.
  • Matches your store processes, making the system easy to use and consistent with your workflow.
  • Choice of mobile devices and platforms running on iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms.
  • Proven scalability with successful deployments ranging from small teams up to global customers with thousands of users and millions of transactions every day.

Created a valuable customer database:

  • Ensuring a single view of the customer, across all customer touch points, including internet and mobile channels
  • Ensuring customer information is retained by your organization when sales people change
  • Providing a platform for selling and marketing based on what is known of customers and prospects

StayinFront B2B – A Full Function CRM Solution

StayinFront B2B is a full function business CRM solution that can be deployed out-of-the-box or configured to match your needs. Standard functionality includes:

  • Opportunity Management

  • Product Catalogue & Configurator

  • Sales History & Sales Analytics

  • Marketing Encyclopedia

  • Superior Desktop & Microsoft Outlook Integration

  • Integrated Document Mgmt

  • Key Account Management

  • Built-in Reporting & Analytics

  • Lead-to-Order Management

  • User Configurable Key Performance Indications

  • Contact Center

  • Marketing Center

  • Customer Portals

  • Channel Partner Portals

  • Contact Management & Websites