StayinFront Mobile Retail Distributor Management Solution improves your visibility, efficiency and communication between field teams, operations and distribution centers


StayinFront CRM Software Solutions

StayinFront CRM software solutions enable companies to more effectively plan, execute and measure customer relationship management strategies.

StayinFront CRM helps sales and management teams target, prepare and execute business plans, while also providing powerful CRM tools like integrated analytics to support data-driven decisions. It provides a single system for all sales, marketing and customer support.

StayinFront’s on demand CRM software solutions are backed by extensive industry experience with advanced technology and superior professional services that provide a platform for sales teams to sell more and manage better.

Meet the needs of your sales and management teams with our sales force CRM solution

StayinFront CRM features enhanced Microsoft Outlook Integration, user-defined Key Performance Indicators, full CRM Keyword Search, Document Integration and Configurable Dashboards. The system’s features add depth and efficiency aimed at increasing sales success and manager performance. Key benefits include:

  • Collaboration enhanced among teams through easy document sharing
  • User-defined KPIs with full tracking and history available system-wide
  • Easy coordination of schedules, meetings and calendars through seamless integration between Microsoft Outlook and CRM
  • Simultaneous search across CRM system, email and hard drive

CRM Key Performance Indicators

A KPI engine is built into the system so users can define KPIs and action trends and results. KPIs can be placed into any report or view in the system, giving everyone in the organization a clear picture of what is important.


Analytics built into the CRM system is a key component of StayinFront CRM. It not only provides valuable insight into customer data, but it enables users to take action and measure results. StayinFront CRM is uniquely suited to dealing with changing business requirements and evolving data. Users are empowered to access their own business intelligence information across CRM data.

As a data analysis and decision support tool, StayinFront CRM is designed for non-technical users. Through the use of drag, drop and drill technology, analytics within StayinFront CRM can be used to quickly analyze sales, marketing and financial information.

StayinFront offers leading Consumer Goods Mobile CRM and Sales Force Automation Solutions that run on iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms

The Power of StayinFront CRM

StayinFront CRM has a unique multi-layered architecture, where the application shell is completely separate from the business logic. This provides unmatched configuration capabilities while preserving the ability to upgrade. Other features are:

  • Adaptability to suite users with a broad range of skills and needs
  • CRM actions such as campaigns, workflow, call planning, contact center queues and mail merge are easily set in motion
  • Multiple sources of data stored and analyzed in the system