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StayinFront financial services crm solutions

Sports Management


Sports and Tournament Management CRM Software Solutions

StayinFront Sports Management is a sports management CRM system that enables franchises, national organizations and clubs to more effectively manage their participants and other stakeholders. This powerful management tool helps sports organizations build a complete profile of their players, coaches, officials, administrators and supporters which can be leveraged to increase participation rates, improve efficiency, enhance communications and improve performance levels.

Consolidate Data and Improve Communication

By consolidating data into a centralized location, StayinFront’s sports management CRM system can help improve efficiency by reducing costly time spent on administrative tasks. Detailed profiles, registrations, contact histories and personal relationships are all stored in a single, easy to access system that allows organizations to form lifetime relationships with their members. The flow of information throughout an organization can be streamlined using the integrated communication tools within the CRM solution.

Improved Marketing

StayinFront Sports Management supports marketing, merchandising and ticketing initiatives that are able to leverage the rich data stored in the sports management CRM system. The built-in survey management tool enables organizations to quickly and effectively receive targeted feedback. Events and marketing campaigns are created and administered using flexible, user-defined processes within the product. Tracking of merchandising and ticketing sales gives additional opportunities for targeted offerings.

High Performance

Elite player and coaching programs are managed through the High Performance functionality in StayinFront Sports Management. Testing and performance tracking, skill assessment, nutritional data, injury and rehabilitation as well as scheduling of player diaries are available. The high performance data can then be analyzed, graphed and reported using StayinFront Analytics.

Competition Management

StayinFront Sports Management contains a full competition and tournament management CRM solution. Venue, ground and court availability, match schedules and results tables are all supported. Making use of registration data, the CRM system is able to provide full match history for players. Web portals allow supporters to track fixtures, results and standings tables.


StayinFront Sports Management is a full enterprise CRM solution that can be deployed out of the box or configured to match your exact needs. Users can take advantage of as much functionality as is needed. Solutions can be quickly configured to match specific requirements.

StayinFront Sports Management enables organizations to work more efficiently, to improve communications and to better manage their customers through the development of personal, longstanding relationships with fans, players, officials, coaches and other stakeholders