Consumer Goods

What is SaaS SFA software?

SaaS —Software as a Service, is a monthly subscription service hosted in the Cloud.
It enables the execution of in-store activities by a field sales team to ensure their products are presented and positioned in accordance with the company’s go-to-market strategy.

How can a sales force automation and retail execution solution improve business efficiency?

Do More: Field teams can complete more work in less time with simplified streamlined retail execution.
Know More: Managers and field reps access and share customer history, current store conditions, issues and competitive activity.
Sell More: Field reps are armed with powerful mobile selling tools that help deliver compelling sales pitches.  

Good retail execution optimizes the “Perfect Store” and directly results in improved sales and ROI.

What type of industries does the solution support?

StayinFront’s solution supports the Consumer Goods Industry as well as the Life Sciences.

Is your SFA software fully customizable as required?

Yes, we offer a configurable design that enables consumer goods companies to tailor the application experience to deliver the exact features each field role needs to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in every store visit — no coding required.

Does the software solution integrate with other software?

Yes, our mobile platform is engineered for easy, cost-effective integration with SAP, Oracle or virtually any other ERP application or data source.

Does the software solution support Android and iOS devices?

TouchCG is optimized to run on the latest iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices, making it easy-to-learn and intuitive for the user.

Does the SFA software have its own analytics?

Yes, Touch Analytics, integrated in StayinFront TouchCG®, provides a holistic view of your business for better decision making, empowering your field team to drive actions from insight in just minutes.

Does your solution support other languages?

Yes, currently 25 languages are supported, and the list is growing.

Would a general CRM solution be suitable for retail execution?

No, CRMs are generally horizontal solutions, while retail execution, is focused on retail in-store activities for consumer-packaged goods, and therefore a vertical CRM solution.

Can orders be taken and processed from the mobile application?

Yes, orders can be processed with multiple discounts such as promotions and deals including digital signatures and payments.

Are there any Dashboards to help the field force monitor their visits?

Yes, customizable dashboards with KPIs at both territory and store level, help to keep the field force on track and focused during their store visits to optimize the “Perfect Store.”

Is Digital Merchandising available in your solution?

Yes, image recognition is fully integrated into our solution. Merchandisers have options to perform both manual and digital shelf audits.

Is POS (Point of Sale Data) part of your solution?

Yes, the proprietary algorithms can identify distribution issues, promotional underperformance and review New Product Development introductions. This generates alerts to inform the sales force of the largest Size of Prize opportunities to fix SKUs in-store

Are store visits Geolocated?

Yes, each store visit is Geomapped and timestamped. Geofencing can also be included if required.  Google Map Markers also indicate store locations,and can be prioritized for visits.

Does your solution work offline?

Yes, we provide both Offline and Online functionality.

Life Sciences

Is the system designed specifically for the Life Sciences industry?

Yes, for over 20 years, StayinFront has been providing Pharma clients with advanced mobile CRM solutions. By listening to our clients and through on-going research, StayinFront continues to deploy one the most highly advanced state-of-the-art systems, TouchRx.

Can I incorporate approved marketing materials into the system?

Yes, StayinFront’s TouchRx offers a built-in CLM module that allows reps to display simple or advanced marketing presentations during an HCP visit without leaving the system. Furthermore, StayinFront Briefcase enables reps to send follow-up, approved marketing content via e-mail that can contain attachments or a link to product information, documentation and collateral.

Can the system generate Medical Information Requests?

Yes, SiF TouchRx enables reps to quickly and easily accept MIRs within the HCP visit.

Does the system offer Dashboards and Analytics for reps to view prior to an HCP visit?

Yes, StayinFront TouchRx includes configurable Dashboards that can display a variety of important information such as Rep and Product performance data. KPIs and built-in Analytics can display an infinite number of reports and metrics based on what is important to the client.

Can reps view their visits on a calendar as well as a map?

Yes, StayinFront TouchRx enables reps to view their calendars easily and change their schedule as well as view their appointments on a map. StayinFront TouchRx can be configured to display color-coded pins on a map to help direct reps to locations based on priorities set by their company. For example, priorities can include HCPs or locations that haven’t been visited in a specified period, “High Writer” prescribers, or other criteria based on the client’s objectives.

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