Strategic Partners and Alliances

Global Partners and Alliances

Deployed to over 50,000 users across 6 continents, StayinFront is the global leader in mobile cloud-based Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions.

Leading organizations choose StayinFront over generic SFA and CRM solutions because StayinFront provides field teams – from sales reps and erchandisers to van sales drivers and distributors – with the ability to do more, know more and sell more.

Partner Program

StayinFront partners with a core group of technology and service-oriented organizations to deliver innovative solutions, market expertise and superior service. Channel Partners are approved to market, license and support StayinFront’s full suite of cloud-based solutions.

Become a StayinFront Partner and Grow your Business

Become a Partner and Grow your Business

  • Align with an award-winning technology company recognized by leading industry analysts and experts
  • Earn revenue from the StayinFront product, services and support
  • Expand your offerings and establish relationships with large customers to provide
    complementary products and services
  • Get the training, tools and support to gain a competitive edge
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Our Customers

StayinFront solutions are used by companies around the world,

from small private companies to Fortune 500 corporations.

StayinFront Consumer Goods is used by multi-national and national companies around the world StayinFront customers also include Distributors of CG manufacturers StayinFront customers also include 3rd party Contract Sales Organizations

How We Help

StayinFront’s, cost-effective and easy-to-maintain mobile cloud solutions enable manufacturers, distributors and brokers –in both modern and traditional trade – do more, know more and sell more.

Do More

Target the right stores, plan schedules more effectively with mapping and route tools, speed up audits and data entry, and communicate and areas of focus.

Know More

Provide field reps with detailed and up-to-date information on store-level sales, promotions, displays, inventories and orders.

Sell More

Deliver rich, data-driven, interactive presentations through StayinFront PitchBook® that integrates external information, such as POS with current in-store conditions and promotional and marketing information.

Learn Why Companies Choose StayinFront Solutions

Global Partners and Alliances

Working Together to Deliver Innovative Solutions.


Abeo International is a leading provider of business consulting and technology for SAP and complementary solutions in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives. As an approved StayinFront partner, Abeo International will market, deliver and support StayinFront TouchCG® and StayinFront TouchCG LT™ and to help drive sales force effectiveness for consumer goods and related industries across Southeast Asia. For more details about Abeo International, visit

The group currently includes ANTOR Business Solutions which is focused on software and services and ANTOR Technology which handles hardware and technical support. Headquartered in Moscow, Russia, ANTOR specializes in development of IT Solutions for transport logistics, distribution and geomarketing. With more than 15 years of experience in the development and implementation of logistics management software products, ANTOR boasts a successful track record of more than 3500 software product installations for large and medium-sized companies throughout Russia and CIS. The ANTOR group is expanding the business in new markets like India, Latin America, APAC, Africa and Europe.

Childs Davidson Limited is a specialist consulting practice, focused on FMCG commercial consulting across the globe. CDL’s expertise is concentrated into: best practice benchmarking, senior executive forums; client-specific consulting in commercial strategy; skills and methods development; the licensing of the world class Trade Promotional and Operational Planning software, ‘ONE System’; and the licensing of the StayinFront sales force automation and CRM solutions. All are underpinned by a strong, experienced consulting team, well-trained in investigative research, thought-leading analysis, applied methods design and change management.

Comtec Inc. is a Japanese systems integration company specialising in consulting, systems development and support. Together, COMTEC and StayinFront deliver CRM solutions to meet the unique demands of the Japanese market. Established in 1976, COMTEC employs 1,600 people across 5 offices, and has a team dedicated to the support of StayinFront’s solutions.

Kreatif Global is a company dedicated to information technology, ranging from business application and system consulting, training, implementation services and system development. Kreatif has been successfully project managed, implementing and maintaining both national and multi-national corporations in Indonesia and has successfully delivered implementation services to many countries across Asia.


Aegis Tech are CRM and Contact Centre solution/integration experts with extensive experience working with customers in a variety of different industries. Our customers – organisations in the financial services, manufacturing, airline, telecommunications, consumer goods, agricultural, construction and non-profit sectors – are at the forefront of technology adaptation, entrusting Aegis Tech to find the right technology solutions for their business to improve the customer experience whilst driving cost out of service.

Augment is an augmented reality mobile app that allows CPG sales teams to simulate point of sale materials in real size, real time and real stores. Augment helps field reps excel at retail execution, remove the ground work, and drive in-store sales and compliance. Try it for free.

Lab4motion is one of the global leaders in still and video image recognition technologies. Lab4motion provides services to a diverse range of customers in a wide range of verticals. Founded in 2011, and winner of the 2013 IBM SmartCamp Challenge, Lab4motion's technologies can be utilized to measure compliance of product placement on the shelf as well as to identify and understand customer behavior in front of the shelf. This allows CPG's and retailers to obtain greater insight into the overall cause and effect of operational decisions on conversion and sales.

MedPro Systems® is the leading provider of healthcare license solutions to the Life Science industry. Since 2001, the MedProID® suite of products has assisted pharmaceutical & device manufacturers, distributors and other healthcare organizations with practitioner & organization state license validation solutions to meet Prescription Drug Marketing Act (PDMA), Pedigree & Aggregate Spend compliance requirements.MedPro’s solutions are used by over 275 Life Science customers, including 21 of the Top 25 pharmaceutical manufacturers.

StayinFront is a Microsoft Certified Business Solution Provider with extensive experience in developing and deploying Microsoft applications.StayinFront joins a limited number of solutions providers who have consistently demonstrated the ability to provide high quality, Microsoft project-based solutions and services to enterprise customers worldwide. StayinFront is also a Windows Mobile developer and partner, helping global organizations address the challenges of customer satisfaction and sales force productivity.

RxS removes the complexity and the administrative burden of managing multichannel sampling activities for its Pharmaceutical and Biotech clients through its state of art Sample Management/Accountability services driven by technology and supported by deep and extensive industry expertise, while delivering superior customer service. Where Field Representative Sample Accountability leaves off, RxS continues with PDMA compliance and Sample Management for all channels. For more information, visit

Partner Opportunities and Responsibilities

StayinFront is a world-class technology company committed to providing our partners with all the support and collaboration necessary. Our channel partners have the opportunity to:

  • Engage in large, high-value projects with leading companies
  • Earn revenue from StayinFront product, services and support
  • Leverage engagements with customers to provide complementary products and services

Partners can join StayinFront and build long-term relationships with regional, national and multi-national organizations.

Earning Opportunities Include:

  • Product implementation, training and ongoing add-on services
  • Local support – Level 2
  • SaaS subscription

Channel Partners are expected to

  • Complete training programs on How to Sell, implement and Support StayinFront products
  • Generate sales leads, provide Level 2 Support in local language and support data integration

Experienced Partners will optionally be responsible for

  • Managing full sales cycle
  • Full implementation cycle
Responsibilities of StayinFront Partners

Our partners are Systems Integrators (SIs) and Complementary Product Vendors (CPVs) that have one or more of the following:

  • Software services or consulting experience with medium-large companies
  • Experience implementing or supporting cloud, mobile or enterprise applications
  • Business or technical domain expertise in SFA, Retail Execution, DSD, Analytics or Mobile or Cloud Applications
  • Sell complementary products such as Distributor Management System, Route Optimization, ERP and Mobile Applications
  • Support large mobile field teams of sales reps, merchandisers and delivery drivers
Types of StayinFront Partners

Partner Benefits

World-Class Technology
Free Continuous Upgrades
Mobile Platform Choice
Rapid and Secure Cloud Deployment
Sales and Training Support
Global Marketing