In-Store Selling Solutions

Compelling Data-driven Sales Pitches

Your field reps can deliver powerful data-driven, multimedia presentations in-store. StayinFront PitchBook eliminates the cost and hassle of printed sell sheets and bulky binders and allows reps to engage store managers in meaningful conversations about ways to generate more sales.

Dynamic Store-Level Data

Access real-time scan data and current store-level conditions, along with multimedia files to drive very specific pitches and recommendations that lead to more orders, better promotion locations and increased market penetration.

  • Show store managers where they rank compared to other stores in their region or chain
  • Calculate ROI of replacing a competitor’s product with your product
  • Display graphs showing sales increases of competitive stores using high-performing displays
  • Play videos of upcoming promotions and recommend increased order quantities

Tracking for Better Performance

StayinFront PitchBook® tracks and records each pitch so managers can determine what works and what isn’t working. This allows managers to quickly adjust messages and share best practices across their teams.