StayinFront Digital

Capture greater and more accurate information on key shelf intelligence and obtain real-time actionable insights that enable your field team to execute their “perfect store” with StayinFront Digital —an advanced image recognition and digital merchandising solution.



Improve In-store Efficiency and Effectiveness

StayinFront Digital offers a faster, more reliable and cost-effective way to collect and view all your products at the point-of-sale. While manual audits have an accuracy rate of about 70%, StayinFront Digital increases accuracy up to 96%+ consistently.


How it Works

Field reps take a picture of the shelf, and StayinFront Digital’s unique stitching technology allows reps to quickly capture long sections of the shelf. Built-in photo-assist software ensures only good quality photos are uploaded for processing, saving time and decreasing costs.
Self-learning algorithms identify, extract and analyze product data and the in-store situation, and within minutes, the results are returned to the rep, KPIs are updated and next best action tasks are generated.
Managers are able to use analytics and reporting tools to gain more insight into the situation at the shelf and drive actions to increase effectiveness at the SKU, brand and category levels.

Revolutionize Your Digital Merchandising Performance

Revolutionize Your Digital Merchandising Performance

Introducing StayinFront Interactive Shelf, an advanced digital merchandising tool that leverages processed shelf images to generate a highly interactive user interface that helps field teams perform in-store activities more quickly and accurately.

  • Interactive Shelf visually highlights incorrect and missing items and then captures immediate feedback from the rep and learns from it
  • Reps can navigate around StayinFront TouchCG® using an image of the shelf instead of rows and      columns of text and view critical product information with a single tap of a product’s picture
  • Audit Mode enables reps to capture the same data they would gather manually, without needing to search for the items in the grid


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