StayinFront Mobile Retail Distributor Management Solution improves your visibility, efficiency and communication between field teams, operations and distribution centers


Visibility and Actionable Insight


Monitor, Measure and Leverage Data

Quickly and easily analyze data from within the StayinFront CRM system and/or from external data sources to identify trends and opportunities, gain insight and measure sales performance.

StayinFront CRM closes the loop between analysis and action and helps drive timely decision making with integrated analytics, giving you a continuous cycle of discovery, investigation, action and review.

  • Explore data to uncover new information
  • Measure performance and compare sets of otherwise disparate information to help gain insights
  • Use results to direct ongoing sales and marketing initiatives
  • Set CRM actions in motion directly from analytical results
  • Set up alerts and exception indicators

Align Everyone with Important Organizational Goals

Evaluate progress and form more effective strategies to reach long-term goals. Dashboards and KPIs, let customers track history and trends, set and manage targets and trigger automatic tasks and alerts.

Mobile Touch Analytics for Sales Reps

TouchRx has in-built capability to take specific analytics such as Territory Sales, Investment, Coverage & Frequency of targets or performance against KPIs and put them front and center, giving sales teams an up-to-date view and ensuring that your teams are on track and on target.