Why Choose StayinFront Consumer Goods

Proven Experience, Expertise and Value

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StayinFront provides flexible, cost effective and easy-to-maintain mobile cloud solutions for consumer goods manufacturers, suppliers and distributors around the world, in both modern and traditional trade. We pride ourselves on delivering successful outcomes, not just projects.

Built For Consumer Goods

StayinFront solutions have the depth and breadth to support the processes, activities and field environments with best practices already built in.

Flexible and Scalable Solution

Built from the ground up on an enterprise grade platform, our system is supporting thousands of users around the world, in multiple languages across all routes to market.

Dynamic In-Store Selling Tools

Our innovative in-store selling tool, StayinFront PitchBookTM, lets field reps engage store buyers with compelling sales stories using current store-level data, analytics and multimedia.

Recognized Industry Leader

Recognized by analysts and industry leaders such as Gartner, Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) and Consumer Goods Technology (CGT) Magazine.

No-Code Customization

Fully configurable, out-of-the-box functionality that can be tailored to specific roles, workflow, language and route to market.

Simple Integration

StayinFront easily integrates with SAP, Oracle and other popular ERP systems to get your business up and running quickly.

Secure Rapid Cloud Deployment

StayinFront supports some of the world's largest corporations. Each client has its own separate, private database for a secure, reliable and scalable solution.

Experienced Team and Support

Behind all our software is an experienced team of professionals providing end-to-end support services from training and data configuration, to implementation, hosting and ongoing support.

Platform Choice

Choose the mobile device that best fits the needs and different roles in your organizations. StayinFront Consumer Goods runs on a range of mobile devices using the iOS, Android and Windows platforms.