StayinFront EPoS Data Insights

StayinFront EPoS Data Insights

Improve your field team’s efficiency and effectiveness with StayinFront TouchCG’s integrated Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) data insights powered by 20:20 Retail Data Insight.

How it Works

StayinFront 20:20 RDI analyzes POS data and alerts field teams to priority issues before they get to the store, allowing them to spend less time on manual audits, and more time selling.

White Papers

Learn more about how EPoS data insights can help improve your ROI of the field sales force and fix On-shelf Availability (OSA) issues.

20:20’s integration within StayinFront’s TouchCG solution allows reps to:

  • View the performance of the store by category against comparable stores and nationally
  • See the SKUs with alerts and the likely root cause
  • View which stores have the greatest lost sales value, or Size of Prize and much more!