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Global Snack Food Manufacturer to Pilot StayinFront Retail Data Insight (RDI) Solution in Mexico

LONDON, UK (January 12, 2021) – StayinFront Retail Data Insight (RDI), a global provider of electronic point of sale (EPoS) analytics software and services, announced today that a global snack food leader in biscuits, chocolate, and candy will pilot its software and analytics solution in select regions in Mexico. The solution has been successfully tested and proven to add value to the company’s UK and Canadian businesses, where both teams are leveraging the actionable insights to drive incremental sales.

StayinFront’s Retail Data Insight analyses retailer electronic point of sale (EPoS) data and delivers actionable insights that can be accessed and distributed across an organization. Field View® is the multi-platform application used in the field, analyses EPoS data for potential areas for improvement, and generates daily store-level alerts that direct the field sales teams to the stores with the greatest opportunity to increase sales. Predictive Analytics® uses a wide variety of data sources to estimate the likely sales value in any given outlet, despite the absence of sales data across the outlet universe.

The software is tightly integrated into StayinFront’s suite of sales force automation and retail execution products, including StayinFront TouchCG®, allowing field reps to consume and view live dashboards with actionable data as part of a unified, seamless solution. “We’ve seen great success with the previous pilots and look forward to expanding into Mexico to enable our customers to optimize retail execution, improve trade promotion ROI and drive sales,” commented Andy Foweather, Commercial Director, StayinFront RDI.

“We are pleased with the integration of StayinFront RDI’s products into our suite of StayinFront EdgeCG and TouchCG mobile, cloud-based offerings. The leading CG industry publications and analysts, including POI, recognize the value and ability to Do More, Know More, and Sell More by leveraging fully integrated dashboards with actionable insights,” explained Wayne Galloway, Vice President, and Managing Director, EMEA.

About StayinFront Retail Data Insight (RDI)
StayinFront Retail Data Insight (RDI) enables consumer goods companies to maximize sales and their return on trade promotion investments by driving actionable insights from retail Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) data and its Predictive Analytics (PA) services. StayinFront RDI supports major grocers and retailers globally, its technology and services are used by many Fortune 500 companies and their contract sales organizations, including the four largest food companies in the world. Multiple stakeholders across the organization, from sales directors to mobile field sales, leverage StayinFront RDI’s cloud-based field applications, dashboards, and alerts, to optimize sales effectiveness and drive promotional ROI. Our application improves the planning, execution, and effectiveness of current and future promotions. With StayinFront RDI’s intelligent retail data, companies can quickly identify issues and opportunities, and direct sales teams to the stores with the greatest potential. For more information about StayinFront RDI services and solutions, visit

About StayinFront, Inc.
StayinFront is a leading global provider of mobile, cloud-based field force effectiveness, and customer relationship management solutions for consumer goods and life sciences organizations. Companies of all sizes, in over 50 countries, use StayinFront software to streamline sales operations and reduce the complexity, time, and expense associated with field efforts. StayinFront solutions provide companies with timely, accurate field data and insight, enabling field reps and management to do more, know more, and sell more. Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, USA, StayinFront has offices in Chicago, Canada, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland, India, Australia, Poland, Singapore, and New Zealand. For more details about StayinFront products and solutions, visit

Andy Foweather
Commercial Director
+44 1522 837 252

Wayne Gallaway
Vice President and Managing Director, EMEA
+44 1494 429 560

Nisha Jagmohan
+1(973)461-4800 x3230

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