StayinFront Consumer Goods Mobile Sales Force Automation Solutions enable More efficient and More effective Field Force

StayinFront Consumer Goods Mobile Sales Force Automation Solutions enable More efficient and More effective Field Force

Consumer Goods

Consumer Goods CRM and Sales Force Automation Solutions

StayinFront Consumer Goods is a complete consumer goods CRM solution for consumer packaged goods manufacturers and distributors supporting account selling, retail execution and direct store delivery activities. It is a robust and highly-proven system that has been deployed by leading consumer packaged goods companies worldwide to meet the challenging needs of the rapidly changing consumer goods industry.

StayinFront Consumer Goods Benefits

  • Identify opportunities to sell more
  • Ensure price compliance
  • Improve communication with managers and field reps
  • Measure and drive activity at the store
  • Reduce out-of-stocks

StayinFront Consumer Goods solutions include user-defined key performance indicators (KPIs), role-based configuration, two-way messaging, cycle priorities, configurable dashboards, document integration, call planning enhancements and maps integration. Companies can rely on StayinFront Consumer Goods solutions to provide:

  • Visibility – Compare in-store and market data to identify opportunities for growth
  • Adaptability – Easily configured to support in-store processes
  • Efficiency – Increase time doing value-added activities and reduce time spent on routine tasks

On-Demand Technology and Mobile Platforms for the Field

To support the needs of each user within the business, StayinFront Consumer Goods can be deployed across a variety of devices and platforms. StayinFront EdgeCG® is an on-demand system for retail execution, with industry-specific functionality and analytics in one cost-effective cloud-based package. For next generation in-store capabilities, your field teams can perform key activities on Android, iOS and Windows 8 devices with our mobile application StayinFront TouchCG.

StayinFront offers leading Consumer Goods Mobile CRM and Sales Force Automation Solutions that run on iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms

Fit Your Current and Future Business Needs

StayinFront Consumer Goods solutions scale from small and mid-size businesses to the largest global organizations. The solutions integrate seamlessly with other corporate information systems, such as ERP and TPM, so your existing investments can be leveraged and corporate standards can be met.

Using StayinFront’s unrivaled flexibility, StayinFront Consumer Goods solutions can be rapidly deployed to meet a broad range of requirements, with the opportunity to expand with additional modules in the future.