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In the latest webinar from The Drinks Association, the StayinFront team leads a discussion about the diverse use cases of Digital Image Recognition (DIR) and its specialized benefits to the liquor and consumer goods industries. StayinFront’s CG experts, Archel Aguilar, Managing Director ANZ, and Aaron Eccleston, Director of Commercial and Strategic Growth, are led in discussion by StayinFront’s Chief Growth Officer, Sam Barclay.

The StayinFront team leaves viewers more in tune with the real-world application of Digital Image Recognition, and the webinar is an essential watch for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of this cutting-edge technology.

Interested in learning more about Digital Image Recognition? Here are some facts the StayinFront team covered in the webinar.

Brain Trained: Archel explains how similar the technology of Digital Image Recognition is to our own human brains. DIR was modeled after our neural networks and can be trained to recognize characters, numbers, or images. DIR takes human-level understanding and comprehension of real-world concepts and expedites it at an enormous scale and with greater accuracy.

Painting the Full Picture: DIR offers a more comprehensive range of data than other sources. DIR can provide countless data points from a single in-store image, providing endless growth opportunities. This includes metadata or “data about the data.” Metadata can be found embedded within a photo, for example, in information like the time and location. Aaron continues that by merging datasets such as overlaying planograms and Point-of-Sale data or considering additional factors like metadata, the reps can start to see the whole story. This information can be shared with a retailer for a complete picture of what’s going on in-store.

Create Data to Manage Relationships: Data availability within the liquor industry can be limited, creating unique challenges. Archel shared that 75% of liquor customers still make their purchasing decisions at the shelf. Therefore, the risk of a product being out of stock or misplaced can seriously impact revenue. Without rich data, a rep could be blind to these costly errors. Aaron confirmed that both ‘off-premises’ and ‘on-premises’ sales scenarios benefitted from richer data sets that allowed reps to make better, more fact-based decisions.

Next for Digital Transformation: Digital Image Recognition plays a vital role in the execution of Digital Transformation, especially with the advancement of AI. Integrated systems like StayinFront’s Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) can gather all the relevant data provided by DIR and allow AI to generate insights and actions.

For more information from StayinFront about Digital Image Recognition, check out the webinar on Vimeo:

To learn more about how StayinFront leverages the power of Digital Image recognition, contact one of our reps today!

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