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StayinFront Relaunches Website with New UI, Faster Navigation, and Improved Experience

Fairfield, NJ (October 5, 2023) – StayinFront, the global leader of mobile cloud-based retail optimization solutions, proudly announces the relaunch of its website, The new website features modern branding, faster navigation, and an improved user experience for anyone looking to explore StayinFront’s innovative solutions.

The new site features several improvements, including thoughtful adjustments to user interface (UI) and web design. Visitors can seamlessly navigate through menus and pages faster than ever before. This, complemented by StayinFront’s new, modern branding, makes visiting the site an engaging and visually pleasing experience for anyone looking to learn more about retail optimization.

“We are excited to reintroduce to our valued clients and showcase our growth to future connections,” said Sam Barclay, StayinFront’s Chief Growth Officer. “Just like our streamlined Retail Optimization Platform (ROP), the new site is everything we stand for – clarity, efficiency, and impact! We look forward to all the improvements this relaunch brings.”

StayinFront invites everyone to explore the new site and check out the different solutions for both Consumer Goods and Life Sciences companies.

Visitors to the site can learn more about StayinFront’s Retail Optimization Platform (ROP), an end-to-end solution that supports a range of seamlessly integrated applications that drive measurable sales growth. ROP directs resources to the stores with the most opportunities and prioritizes the activities field associates should complete – generating maximum return on investment.

Discover the latest predictive technology, StayinFront’s Intelligent Guided Selling (IGS) engine. IGS works in both modern and traditional trade channels using POS, order, supply chain, demographic and geographic data. The IGS engine identifies the right stores to focus on, calculates the highest size of prize (SOP) opportunities in-store, and measures the impact of all sales interventions.

Explore ROP, IGS, and dozens of other cutting-edge solutions to improve your business and drive retail growth on the all-new

About StayinFront
StayinFront is the Retail Optimization Platform partner for the world’s largest and most successful Consumer Goods Brands. StayinFront is focused on driving growth and selling effectiveness via leading-edge technology and AI to optimize its end-to-end retail sales process. Our superior Retail Optimization Platform optimizes field teams’ efforts and streamlines sales operations, reducing complexity, time, and cost. StayinFront TouchCG®, a fully featured Retail Execution platform with the ability to leverage integrated data insights (StayinFront Retail Data Insight®) and image recognition (StayinFront Digital®) technologies to optimize the entire in-store visit process. Our technology enables CG brands to Know More about their business, Do More work in their retail channels and Sell More in every customer interaction. Headquartered in New Jersey, StayinFront has offices in Chicago, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland, Poland, India, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand. To grow your sales by leveraging StayinFront’s best-in-class Retail Optimization Platform visit

StayinFront Contacts
Sam Barclay
Chief Growth Officer
+64 (0) 9 361 0888

Media Contact
Mehaique Nawaz

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