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Imagine this: Your sales rep just had a fantastic visit with a health care professional (HCP). They seem interested in your product. What do you need to do to seal the deal and guarantee a sale? Follow-up communication is a critical part of the closed loop marketing process, and it’s imperative for reps to keep customers engaged with targeted content and information. However, rules and regulations make follow-up communication a difficult road to navigate, and life sciences organizations need to be able to balance controlling the narrative with the customer and remaining compliant.

If you want to provide efficient and cost-effective follow-up communication, follow these 6 steps:

♦ Establish Proper Version Control– Guarantee reps can only access the latest documents and messages.

♦ Administrate the Approval Process– Ensure the reps send only approved, appropriate content to HCPs.

♦ Integrate, Integrate, Integrate– Enable reps to respond to requests for content directly from the CRM platform.

♦ Go Configure– Provide configurable options for personalization, HCP signatures and review and approval processes.

♦ Efficient Review Process– Get approved messages to market faster.

♦ Measure and Track– Understand the engagement and impact of messages with built-in analytics and dashboards.

StayinFront Briefcase is an efficient and cost-effective content management tool that enables life sciences companies to seamlessly manage, store and deliver selling content so sales reps can do more, know more and sell more.

To learn more about how to improve the performance of your pharma sales team, visit our resources page, or contact us today for a demo.

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