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StayinFront Mobile Retail Distributor Management Solution improves your visibility, efficiency and communication between field teams, operations and distribution centers


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The Case for Single Point of Accountability Support Model

Implementing the best CRM support model will have a significant impact on the success of any biopharma CRM solution. Support plays a crucial role in the entire CRM lifecycle. Organizations that rely on a single vendor for aligned, integrated and seamless service delivery around their CRM system are able to focus valuable resources on the higher-value tactical and strategic initiatives that foster commercial success.

StayinFront TouchRx

StayinFront TouchRx is a powerful CRM solution that delivers the tools needed to support the various roles of life sciences companies.

StayinFront CLM Solutions

Maximize the potential of electronic product presentations for field teams with StayinFront's Closed Loop Marketing solutions, which are seamlessly integrated with StayinFront TouchRx. With CLM presentations, your field representatives will be able to deliver informative, up-to-date and approved product details to healthcare professionals.

StayinFront Briefcase for Life Sciences

Control the narrative and provide efficient and approved follow-up communication between sales reps and HCPs with StayinFront Briefcase. With Briefcase, reps will have the ability to to view, select and send approved materials from pre-approved messages during a detail call, while managers will be able to view key metrics and KPIs to track message performance.

Vitaco now competitive in the OTC marketplace

StayinFront is providing Vitaco with powerful CRM with integrated analytics for territory planning, measurement and tracking of KPIs, and in-field sales activity reporting.

Solving the Dreaded Double Entry Problem

StayinFront eliminates the problem sales reps have of spending too much time entering data into both their CRM system and expense reporting system with a direct connection with Concur.

StayinFront Briefcase

StayinFront Briefcase is an integrated content management solution that enables compliant and efficient communication between reps and health care professionals.

StayinFront PharmaBI

StayinFront PharmaBI is a cloud-based business intelligence platform, developed specifically for life sciences companies to integrate and maximize CRM, ERP and 3rd party data assets. It’s a powerful, self-serve dashboarding, reporting and analysis solution that is easy-to-use, and easily extended to sales, marketing and management.

StayinFront TouchRx

StayinFront TouchRx is finger-friendly, quick to navigate and easy-to-use because it looks, feels and works like a native application. StayinFront TouchRX leverages the devices’ user interface mechanisms, so users will have the experience they expect.

StayinFront EdgeRx

StayinFront EdgeRx delivers the industry’s premier SaaS BioPharma CRM solution – one that enables sales teams to more effectively manage their territories while allowing sales managers to measure, manage and coach their teams for improved productivity and overall results.

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