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When investing in a sales force automation system – make sure you look for the right criteria. Ensure you have the best features that will help create your best possible field force. Configurable field sales solutions that suit your company’s needs will help increase ROI and maximize productivity. See how you can do moreknow more and sell more with StayinFront’s top 9 must-have features in retail execution:

Manual Audits Manual audits allow you to capture detailed information about store and product status such as pricing, stock levels, and promotional compliance. Reps can quickly update audit information in a flash. Configurable acronyms can be used to populate these fields to allow the rep to go through the store shelf swiftly and accurately.

Image Recognition Capture more data points across all your products – as well as your competitors’ – and extract actionable insights to drive sales performance at the SKU, brand and category levels with StayinFront Digital.

Guided Selling Sell more to store managers with StayinFront PitchBook®, a unique selling tool that enables reps to take fact-based information, along with marketing, promotional and other sales aids, to create a compelling and engaging sales presentation.

Analytics Reps can dynamically explore and analyze data stored in the CRM and from external data sources, respond to ad hoc inquiries with accurate and timely answers, see results quickly and set new actions in motion. Understand what is happening in your territory by simply tapping onto a report and diving into the details – drill down for information on SKU-by-SKU, store-by-store and much more!

POS Data See what is driving (or holding back) product sales at the store shelf with Point of Sale (POS) data provided by StayinFront Retail Data Insight, and gain insights on the actions needed to resolve the issues and improve performance.

Dashboards TouchCG Dashboards clearly display a wealth of valuable information that is configured specifically for each role type. Dashboards can be configured to show KPIs to let the rep know how they are performing against their targets and to support the way they make decisions.

Mobile Orders StayinFront TouchCG’s Mobile Orders & Pricing feature allows field reps to quickly and accurately place orders online or offline. StayinFront’s mobile CRM solution include the ability to accurately price orders taking into account multiple factors such as taxes, special deals and promotions. The solution can also use sophisticated workflows to create suggested orders that can be based on variables such as order history, seasonality, current promotions allowing field reps to easily justify an order value and then rapidly process it.

DSD/Van Sales StayinFront provides a single solution that helps retail pre-sales, delivery and merchandising reps streamline retail execution tasks, track in-store activity and improve field and sales effectiveness.

Social Collaboration Maximize retail execution ROI and enable efficient communication between field reps and managers with StayinFront Chat, an integrated social messaging tool that enables field teams to share key information, best practices and in-store selling opportunities.

To learn more about these must-have features in retail execution, visit our resources page, or contact us today for a demo.

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