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US Based Global Multi-Category Consumer Goods Corporation to Pilot StayinFront’s Retail Optimization Platform

London, UK (August 1, 2022) –  StayinFront, a global leader of mobile, cloud-based retail execution solutions, announced today that one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies is leveraging StayinFront’s Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) via their field sales partner, Field Sales Solutions (FSS). This end-to-end retail optimization solution includes StayinFront TouchCG®, StayinFront Retail Data Insight’s (RDI) sales alerts, and StayinFront Digital’s Image Recognition technology.

Following the success of the StayinFront RDI Size of Prize sales alerts, StayinFront ROP was chosen as the solution that drives growth by directing resources to the stores that have the highest opportunity. By leveraging AI-based processing of Point of Sale and Supply Chain data, StayinFront RDI prioritizes the activities that field teams execute in-store to maximize results and ROI. Image Recognition is integrated into the solution to improve in real-time, the speed and quality of shelf condition audits. This easy-to-use solution generates suggested orders, guides selling processes, and measures the ROI of those activities to ensure that sales resources are being most effectively deployed.

The complete StayinFront ROP solution includes Interactive Shelf; a revolutionary way to boost field rep productivity and gain new insights into shelf conditions. Interactive Shelf leverages digital images to create a ‘reverse planogram’ of the shelf.  A visual, easy-to-use, interactive interface that allows reps to complete in-store activities quickly and accurately to optimize the Perfect Store. The Burst Image feature speeds up the process of taking photos of shelves; Field Reps simply walk down the aisle with the camera pointed at the shelf and let the app worry about taking the pictures.

“We are delighted to have a partner like StayinFront who allows us to leverage the latest innovative technology in retail execution to our clients. StayinFront ROP provides us with the next-generation capabilities that will direct field teams to the stores that have the most opportunity, prioritize activities that will have the most impact, and generate the highest ROI” said Julian Cordy, CEO at Field Sales Solutions. He continued, “StayinFront ROP allows us to have a complete solution all within one app.”

“We are glad to see one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies extending their retail execution capabilities with StayinFront’s innovative solutions,” stated Steve Bonsell, Commercial Director at StayinFront. “We look forward to our growing partnership and to delivering advanced technology that drives retail optimization growth enabling the field and sales team to Know More, Do More, and Sell More”.

About Field Sales Solutions (FSS)
FSS work in partnership with clients to activate sales and deliver retail excellence. They do this through empowering their Field Sales teams with clear objectives, sense of purpose and effective technology, and measure their success by evaluating the return on investment. Find out more here

About StayinFront
StayinFront is the Retail Optimization Platform partner for the world’s largest and most successful Consumer Goods Brands. StayinFront is focused on driving growth and selling effectiveness via leading-edge technology and AI to optimize their end-to-end retail sales process. Our superior Retail Optimization Platform optimizes field teams’ efforts and streamlines sales operations, reducing complexity, time, and cost. StayinFront TouchCG®, a fully-featured Retail Execution platform with the ability to leverage integrated data insights (StayinFront Retail Data Insight) and image recognition (StayinFront Digital) technologies optimize the entire in-store visit process. Our technology enables CG brands to Know More about their business, Do More work in their retail channels and Sell More in every customer interaction. Headquartered in New Jersey, StayinFront has offices in Chicago, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland, Poland, India, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. To grow your sales by leveraging StayinFront’s best-in-class Retail Optimization Platform visit

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