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StayinFront Announces a Multi-Year Extension with One of the World’s Largest Confectionary and Snacks Company

Fairfield, NJ (March 1, 2023) – StayinFront, the global leader of mobile cloud-based retail optimization solutions announced today that it has executed a multi-year extension for its Retail Optimization Platform (ROP) and Actionable Insights solution with one of the world’s largest confectionary and snacks company.

StayinFront ROP and StayinFront Retail Data Insight® solutions leverage advanced AI and machine learning to deliver Actionable Insights to field sales teams, driving growth in all channels. StayinFront Digital’s Image Recognition solution includes innovative capabilities, such as burst capture and StayinFront Interactive Shelf with KPIs that drive Next Best Actions. This best-in-class Image Recognition solution enables field teams to save valuable time by speeding up the identification of shelf issues while enhancing the quality and depth of data captured.

StayinFront ROP includes StayinFront TouchCG®, Intelligent Guided Selling, Dynamic Routing, Image Recognition, Perfect Store, and StayinFront PitchBook® for dynamic sales presentations. StayinFront ROP helps field teams grow sales by prioritizing the right stores to visit, optimizing distribution and promotion execution, and upselling with tailored sales pitches.

StayinFront PitchBook® now features augmented reality to enhance and drive in-store display-based selling. StayinFront Touch Portal allows sales management and headquarters teams to direct field teams, provide supporting information, and monitor execution and effectiveness.

“We are pleased to be growing our partnership and building next-generation capability and tools with this global confectionery and snacks leader,” remarked Sam Barclay, Chief Growth Officer, StayinFront. “We continue to partner with the leading global brands in a wide range of categories, delivering innovative technology and cost-effective digital transformation by leveraging AI and machine learning. We help our partners grow their sales by enabling them to Know More, Do More, and Sell More. Our products and services are all about delivering measurable growth.”

About StayinFront
StayinFront is the Retail Optimization Platform partner for the world’s largest and most successful Consumer Goods Brands. StayinFront is focused on driving growth and selling effectiveness via leading-edge technology and AI to optimize their end-to-end retail sales process. Our superior Retail Optimization Platform optimizes field teams’ efforts and streamlines sales operations, reducing complexity, time, and cost. StayinFront TouchCG®, a fully-featured Retail Execution platform with the ability to leverage integrated data insights (StayinFront Retail Data Insight) and image recognition (StayinFront Digital) technologies optimize the entire in-store visit process. Our technology enables CG brands to Know More about their business, Do More work in their retail channels and Sell More in every customer interaction. Headquartered in New Jersey, StayinFront has offices in Chicago, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland, Poland, India, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. To grow your sales by leveraging StayinFront’s best-in-class Retail Optimization Platform visit

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